Are you one of the thousands (or more) of men who need to be dominated? Who need to have a woman control not only your actions, but your purse strings as well?

Are you a man who just can’t help giving money and gifts to an online Domina who promises you absolutely nothing in return accept the chance to make her life easier, more comfortable, even more luxurious?

What does that woman look like to you?Strong and in charge- a boss. A woman who never let being called “bossy” stop her from taking charge like she’s always known she was born to do.

I am that Boss Laydee- here to take charge and provide you with all the guidance you need, want, crave and desire. I’ll set things right, the way they are supposed to be- the way I WANT them to be.

Pleasing me, catering to my desires, providing me with ease and luxury- these are the sole goals and propose of your life. Following my orders is like sweet sweet honey to you.

The answers to everything you’ve been searching for as you click mindlessly through webpage after webpage are within me. The answer is to serve me, financially, sexually, and completely.

Only I can fill that empty space inside of you that thirsts for a leader to guide you, a boss to command you and and a woman for you to serve.

Tribute can be made immediately to cash.me/$BossNotBossy

Use your best judgement as to what amount of gift you’d like to offer. Then send your tribute and contact me to serve.

Only tributing finsubs/finslaves (sometimes called “paypiggies”) will be acknowledged.

~BossLaydee Luxx

I’m not bossy- I’m the boss.I’m the reason you have credit cards.



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