Are you a submissive?

Submissive men feel, more than anything, the need to submit. To find a strong, intelligent, incredible woman whom they can serve.

Some men think they are submissive. They imagine a leatherclad dominatrix wielding a whip and ordering them to lick her shiny black boots.

Yes I want to serve! They think. I want to serve beneath your sexy booted feet and worship your beautiful fantasy fulfilling body. And I know just how I want to serve.

Slow your roll sailor! You may not be submissive at all! You may actually be a fetishist. A fetishist needs a certain fantasy to play out in order to get his rocks off- which is his primary concern.

A fetishist knows exactly how he wants to serve his Domme- but alas, that is not actually serving.

Serving and submitting are for the benefit of the dominant. The submissive gets his purpose and satisfaction from being of use to his Dominant. He finds the act of submission itself very fulfilling. He actually desires to make his Dominant happy.

In our culture, it is very rare for a man to be truly submissive. To stop thinking about what he wants, what his cock wants, and to focus of the needs of another. Women do this often, and it is expected of us, but men are instead taught to believe that women are here only to gratify their egos, their labitoes, and their desires.

A submissive man wants the opposite. He wants to improve himself by learning to forgot his ego, put aside his own comfort, and his own ambitions and support, encourage and strengthen a dominant woman- working towards her goals, her happiness, and her ambitions.

A good submissive knows how to put himself a very distant second and make his Dominant his one and only priority. To make the Boss happy is how he finds his joy. To lift the Boss is how he achieves greatness. To provide comfort and ease to the Boss is how he feels bliss.

The Boss need not wear special boots or cater to a submissive’s fetishes or fantasies. The Boss is in charge, no matter what she weconsideration is not her submissive’s fantasy or fetish- she is his very real Dominant Boss. She does not fulfill his fantasies- she fulfills his needs.

A submissive knows that the deep needs inside him will be fulfilled only by submitting to the right Domina. He does his homework and determines that one specific Domina is the right match for him. And then he asks to be taken into consideration. And he begins the process of entrusting his growth to his Domina.

He asks nothing of her for free, but willingly pays any probe she asks and more as he is able. He is generous with his gifts to her, as he will continue to be throughout their relationship.

He values all that she offeres and all that she gives. And he showed he values her by putting her desires above his own. By his willingness to sacrifice for her happiness. His labors bear fruit which he redily offers to her first. All that is his, belongs to her.

The submissive takes pride in being a good submissive. He works at all times to bring pleasure and happiness to his Domina. He does not seek to shortchange her. He wants only the best he can offer and regrets that he cannot give more.

The submissive focuses not on himself- and especially not on his cock. The submissive only wants to know how best to submit and his to serve.

A submissive man is a rare jewel. Are you a submissive? Or are you… Something else?



The Thoughts in Between

This is a reblog of another bloggers thoughts about exploring our privelege and bias. I feel that the ideas explored are very important. I hope you will real and really think about the material presented. Take it to heart and apply it to yourself. Our tendency is to deny or bias and defensively declare, “I’m not racist.” But the society will live and exist in is racist and we can’t except it’s affects. It permeates. The ideas of racialism are long-standing and well ingrained. To transcend out environment takes work-not merely wishful thinking.



Yesterday, I was watching a TV programme in which a man on an ‘empty’ spaceship hears a baby crying in a different room. He hunts for a while for this child and finally finds it in a drawer. As a v…

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